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Voice control as a solution for low-literate people.

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During my minor Interface & User Experience Design, I had the opportunity to work on and assignment for a specific target group within the Marktplaats app.

Hike One
Mobile App
UX Design
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The challenge

Marktplaats is continuously improving its services and value proposition. It has a very large user base and even so wide a range of user persona. All with their own wishes, behaviours and limitations. Our challenge was to design a solution that makes it possible to make their services more useful for people with dyslexia and low literacy.

The result

The concept included several new functions to improve the UX for people with dyslexia and low literacy. The biggest additions are the renewed filter flow, speech functions through NLP, and comparing ads in order to make information easier to process. Both Hike One and Marktplaats responded enthusiastically and will get to work on the suggested features and improvements.